Strategic Roadmap

  • Set business / IT direction
  • Prioritize requirements, initiatives, budget
  • Develop high level solution approach
  • Short term objectives and long term goals
  • Technology/mobility advisory consultation
Auxenta Digital Engineering Services Strategic Roadmap
Auxenta Digital Engineering Services Customer Experience Transformation

Customer Experience Transformation

  • Assess customer experience internally or externally
  • Identify ways to improve usability
  • Simplify and enhance the customer experience

Solution & Technology Selection

  • Define solution requirements
  • Assess various technology options and select solution
  • Select the best technologies
Auxenta Digital Engineering Services Solution & Technology Selection
Auxenta Digital Engineering Services Solution Design & Implementation

Solution Design & Implementation

  • Define solution requirements
  • Assess various technology options and select solution
  • Select the best technologies

Intellectual Property

Auxenta Digital Engineering Services Distributed Computing Framework

Distributed Computing Framework

    ClusterRunner is an open source parallel test execution tool that can be deployed into any distributed computing infrastructure in the fastest and most efficient way possible

    Benefits that were provided with the tool:

  • Make linear (i.e: single-threaded) test jobs run in parallel
  • Consistently utilize 100% of your testing infrastructure
  • Get test feedback faster
  • Its master-slave architecture allows easy horizontal dynamic scaling. In other words, it’s a matter of adding more slaves to the cluster to speed up test execution. Furthermore, its intelligent job distribution engine leverages past job execution metrics to make future runs even faster.

Time Reservation Framework

    The portal helps to connect the end-user with different types of service providers. The centralized system will show consumers the service provider's availability with their service specialties.

    While this is based on a market place between multiple service providers and consumers, the Time Reservation Framework can also be used for a customized solution for one specific service provider.

    The unique element of the feature call "Run time attribute parameter" make sure the better service experience.

Auxenta Digital Engineering Services Time Reservation Framework

Case Studies